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No More Clipping Coupons

Receive a 20% discount on all dry cleaning and laundry services.

Your Value Club membership includes:

  • 30% OFF dry cleaning or laundry coupon to be used on your next incoming order.
    * Excludes leather, suede, household, and wedding items.
    **Not valid with any other offer.
  • 20% discount on all services everyday
    **Not valid with any other offer

You'll also receive a Value Club EXPRESS BAG for convenient drop-off service during and after hours.

Pride 24hr drop off

Your Pride Cleaners Value Club annual membership is only


You can join at any Pride Cleaners so ask our friendly staff for more details.


I've been a customer of Pride for the past year or two and I just wanted to say that Wesley at the Hawthorne location is wonderful. She's always very courteous and professional whenever I see her or speak over the phone. Today she even stayed around just a couple minutes past 6pm to make sure that I was able to drop off my suit for cleaning, to which I am very grateful. I hope she is held in as high of a regard within the company as she reciprocates towards all of Pride's customers at that location. Keep up the good work, thank you!!

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