This is a common problem that was recently addressed in the Kansas City Star. If you sit at a desk on a regular basis you tend to have your lower arm resting on the desk. Typically you will see the fabric on the elbow area of your dominant hand will get thinner, eventually tearing right at the worn area.
Moth and silverfish damage my damage textiles. The damage may occur in storage, but may not be evident until the loosened and weakend fibers are removed during the agitation of cleaning. To prevent insect damage, clean all garments before storage. Use Cedar, moth balls or crystals to help repel the insects.
Yes. If you have your orders to our stores by 9:00am Monday-Saturday it will be returned by 5:00pm that day by special request. A 10% uncharged will be added to your order.
Monday - Friday any order dropped off will be returned the following day by 5:00pm. Saturday orders will be returned on Monday by 5:00pm
Yes we do by special request. Please be sure to tell your associate when you drop your order off.
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